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Posted by Justin Bartlett

Originally my idea was to incorporate more gore including a heavily rotting Christ-like figure with goat corpses hanging off. I was listening to Darkthrone's "Goatlord" on heavy rotation which is one of my favorite death metal albums. However I've been focusing on cutting out excess and streamlining my ideas and my process. Also, The Secret aren't a death metal band!, so we decided to scale it back and keep it more iconic.

I've found that over the years, experimenting with rendering can take you on side-steps in style. Do you ever pay attention to how your own work has changed over the years? But also within the changes, there are often familiar patterns?

One pattern I'll fall into is to scale back and minimize, which is what I did when working on The Secret's "Solve et Coagula" album. A minimally evil silhouette instead of visual overload. In that piece there was also an intent to reference BATHORY.

Of course if you're into visual overload, there's always the rest of my gallery to check out.

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