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Posted by Justin Bartlett

Dead astronauts in a cosmic dungeon for BAST (UK)! This illustration was commissioned by the band to accompany the tour for their upcoming album "Nanoångström".

Nanoångström continues Bast's trajectory into narrative driven arrangements and experimental compositions; set against a bleak Science Fiction backdrop, it explores the human conditions of loss, isolation, and change in the wake of time's passage.

This was a timely project to work on since I've had the idea of some sci-fi inspired imagery floating around in my head for a while now. As you can see from the collection of images, Jack Kirby, VoiVod, "ALIEN", and Will Sweeney were some inspirations. Many of the sketches were sent off to the band and with their approval, I began the penciling in of the final image.

Cheers for the previews. I showed them to the guys and we're pleased with the start you've made, particularly the final image with a twisted spiral or void in the background. It puts me in mind of Event Horizon – the found remnants of a horrific space disaster – so feel free to flirt with the idea of a demonic influence from some sort of trans-dimensional travel (but not so much in a Lovecraftian sense). To a lesser extent it also put me in mind of Virus, which despite not being great overall, includes some super gnarly instances or combining organic and mechanical matter. The only specific thing I'd request, if you were to continue down the route of the fourth image, is to have a combination of rotting astronaut heads and a more skeletal face (for at least one), as is the case in the third image.

I had a couple of false starts with this drawing due to the myriad of other hats I have to wear. I also was indecisive with the background. Some of it was erased and redrawn due to the unnecessary complexity of computer and technological components.

I had an idea in my head, rather than a fleshed out image! Lesson learned - complete your main outlines and concepts in pencil first rather than winging it!!! However, the artwork was a success in the end despite the extra time in redoing segments of the background.

"The design is absolutely killer and we love it! It's exactly the vibe we were hoping for." - Bast

The apocalyptic future end of humanity envisioned by the doom juggernauts will be released on @blackbowrecords.

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