Kerrang! Magazine's Top 15 Album Cover Artists List

Posted by Justin Bartlett

"Heavy metal relies on the power of the visual artwork surrounding it. More than anything, this is because metal music is imbued with a sonic weight and emotional scope that’s so massive, so elaborate, that it needs fantastical and evocative images to accurately represent it." - Kerrang!

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So cool to be on Kerrang! Magazine's radar, one of the world's longest running heavy metal magazines. Very happy to be included on the same list as Wes Benscoter, Larry Carroll, Dan Seagrave, Joe Petagno, and Derek Riggs. All of those artist's have influenced me some way or the other. They're creativity and artistic skills are responsible for many of my favorite album covers and yours too (if you are into heavy metal).

Check out the artists who gave us album covers for Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Entombed, Slayer, Mortician.


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