February 2022 ABCs of Extreme Metal Music Challenge

Posted by Justin Bartlett

Share photos of your extreme metal music collection during February 2022 on Instagram and win some killer prizes from 20 BUCK SPIN, Maggot Stomp, Nuclear War Now!, Super 7, Utech Records, VBERKVLT and more!

Follow @VBERKVLT on Instagram for prize pool updates.

How to win:

  • FOLLOW @VBERKVLT on Instagram
  • POST the flyer image on your Instagram profile or stories before January 31st, 2022 and TAG @VBERKVLT and some of your music collecting friends.

    The flyers can be downloaded below by right clicking and saving to your desktop or device.
  • During February 2022, POST at least 26 photos of your extreme metal records, cassettes, and CDs corresponding to all 26 letters of the English alphabet on your Instagram account during February 2022.

    The posts must correspond with the first letter of the band, the title of the release, or a band member's first or last name. If you're missing a letter, you can use TWO WILDCARD POSTS.

    Acceptable genres to share are thrash metal, death metal, black metal, grindcore, and sludge. No Deafhaven kind of stuff.

    band name post examples:
    A - Agent Steel "Unstoppable Force"
    B - Bolt Thrower "Warmaster"
    C - Cadaver "...In Pains"

    album title post examples:
    Q - “Queen Of Death” by Atomkraft
    X - “Xecutioner's Return” by Obituary
    wildcard post examples:
    J - Justin Broadrick (Godlfesh)
    Q - Quorthon (Bathory)
  • HASHTAG your posts with #VCABC2022

How the Winners are Chosen:

  • Everyone who follows the rules and meet the requirements are assigned an ID number. The ID numbers are randomly selected with a number generator.


  • Prizes and donations are still being worked out, but so far the three Grand Prize Winners will receive one gift card of their choice from 20 Buck Spin, Nuclear War Now!, Left Hand Path (UK/Europe), or Bandcamp. There will be at least three Grand Prize Winners.
  • Additionally there will be at least another three Regular Prize Winners who will receive some free shwag!!! CDs, cassettes, and vinyl from bands and labels like GOG, Wharfluch, Undeath, Worm, Maggot Stomp, Headsplit Records, Utech Records, and Super 7 Toys will be given out too!

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