Cancer Update

Posted by Justin Bartlett

Here’s a cancer update from my bed errr uuhhh … new art studio… yeah, studio.

Yah know, I always intend to post more of these things but crazy stuff like searing pain for a few hours in my colon and a few hours of sleep will often knock me off track.

Sometimes it will be like I can only focus on one thing in a day, sometimes nothing like the last couple.

OK so the good news - (which seems mixed when you factor in how I have been feeling)… my colorectal cancer count called a CEA count has dropped significantly. Overall this is a great sign, and hopefully I will be able to extend the time or taper off some of my chemo treatment!

Typically I feel like a human being for maybe half of the month and then I devolve into my alternate miserable form. Like I said, this enables me to start drawing more again - which I have been doing.

Bad news is that my insurance company did not approve my last MRI. Due to this, I am not sure when I’ll be able to figure out what these new pains are from or where they’re located exactly. At least though with the help of my InstaFiend family and GOFUNDME, I’ll be able to pay for it out of pocket if needed. What a f$&king joke this is, it is like they want me to die or something… My doctor did fight the cancellation, so maybe next month I might have an answer.

Alright so that is where I am at now, general improvements but days and nights of pain and misery.

More art coming soon though and some projects that have been very slow going, much like my constipation.

Oh and more news, I need a new scanner. Since I cannot work due to my health, plus if I hold regular full time or even part time employment, I’ll lose a big part of my insurance coverage, (how fukked is that?!) please consider donating to my cancer fund or share this post and info. Link is on my profile.

Thank you, I could not have gotten this far without all of your support!

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