New Hooded Menace

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Hooded Menace

Here is a detail/process shot from the new Hooded Menace album on Relapse Records later this year. There are more on Instagram as well. Doomentia Records used one of my illustrations for a split 7" that they released, and then a couple of years afterwards, the band inquired about doing the artwork for "Effigies Of Evil". I had turned it down because I was really burned out on doing client work and recommended they get in touch with awesome artist David D'Andrea instead (who they went with). Anyways, this will be the first metal album cover I have done in quite a while, and it feels great to get back into it. Pretty awesome that they liked my work so much and were persistent enough to ask me again to work on the new album. I went with pencil this time, which is a first for me, so it's taking a little longer to get used to considering the fact that all of my other "professional" illustrations were done in ink. I've tried to keep it more loose this time, and a little more abstract/stylized as opposed to doing straight on literal drawings of the templars from the "Blind Dead" film series. I won't be posting any finalized artwork until it's all done - but figured I'd share what I was up to in the meantime.

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