Tracing Influences - Druillet, Away

Posted by Justin Bartlett

I meant to post this some time ago after reading Michel "Away" Langevin's book "Worlds Away", which I highly recommend for fans of his artwork or VoiVod. Michel writes in his formative years that the main inspiration for the Korgull character was from a drawing by Philippe Druillet. So, after clicking around on the internets I found some really amazing artwork by the French artist. He's famous for illustrating many comic books, graphic novels, magazines, and even worked in movies and stage design. If you aren't familiar with him, you'll probably still recognize some of his work, such as his interpretation of Darth Vader.

It's interesting to find out about one of your favorite artist's influences, and how you can trace back and actually see some similarities within our aesthetics.

Another favorite of mine is Rok from Sadistik Exekution

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Tracing Influences - ROK

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