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The wait is over! "Arte Divina" books are shipping out now.

This Heavy Music Artwork publication showcases 79 artists including myself, Mark Riddick and Christophe Szpajdel ! The 232 page book features extended articles and over 250 high quality litho plate images.

There's only 300 of these printed! They look incredible of course with the hardback covers, hand sewed binding, and die-cut dust jacket.

Arte Arcana focus on the dark side of the arts from whatever philosophical source artists draw their inspiration. Speaking across cultures and traditions is difficult to say what can be considered "dark". We invite artists to share their visions, interpretations, critiques, thoughts and discussions.

- 79 artists
- Extended articles
- 232 pages
- 256 high-quality art images
- 300 Limited Editions
- Hardback gloss finish
- Hand sewed binding
- Litho plates pressing
- Matte dust jacket
- 150 gms high gloss paper
- 260mm deep x 210mm wide
- Hand numbered and embossed

Please visit Heavy Music Artwork for ordering info.

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Arte Arcana