Future Cvlt

Wrapped up an illustration/lettering for The Lion's Daughter just in time for their tour and new album release on July 20th via Season of Mist. The characters were based on photography from "Future Cult" an unsettling, hard-hitting combination of extreme, post-black metal and slasherwave reminiscent of 70's horror films.

Speaking of the strange characters, Mothmeister (@mothmeister) are responsible for the original source imagery. Their unique vision of the post-apocalypse and futuristic occult personas was a pleasure to put my spin on....


Arte Arcana

“Arte Arcana” is out! Very happy to be just one among many other artists involved in Heavy Music Artwork’s new project.

From Heavy Music:
Arte Divina highlighted divinity and the holy act of creativity. Arte Arcana focus on the dark side of the arts from whatever philosophical source artists draw their inspiration. Speaking across cultures and traditions is difficult to say what can be considered "dark". We invite artists to share their visions, interpretations, critiques, thoughts and discussions.

- 79 artists


Secret "Void" Process

If you're a fan of THE SECRET (Italy), you probably already knew that they reformed. But in case you didn't, Southern Lord Recordings are releasing an EP "Lux Tenebris" and they're performing at several festivals this summer. Perhaps there's a new album in the works, but you'll need to ask them.

I recently illustrated a shirt for their festival appearances and thought I'd share some of the preliminary sketches (and false starts) outlining the journey. Originally my idea was to incorporate...


"GOAT I" Prints Restocked!

Just got in a new batch of "Goat I" prints from Broken Press. The "Goat I" art prints measure 16 x 20 inches. Each piece is printed on elegant cotton rag paper with a double black ink surface print and a white goat layer on top.

The artwork is based on the cover I created for The Secret's "Solve et Coagula" album on Southern Lord Records.

Some people have asked if this print glows in the dark, no it does not....


Grime(y) Shirt

You're looking at a new illustration for deplorable sludge grinders GRIME from Italia. This was for their tour with 16 and Noothgrush. These guys have an interesting sound somewhere between death/doom and sludge. You're guaranteed to be bludgeoned.

For this illustration, I channelled the spirit of Sadistik Exekution a bit!



Recent illustration for Loathfinder, a doom band from Poland with blackened death metal overtones. I took inspiration and based the artwork a bit on their song titles from their EP "The Great Tired Ones" on Godz Ov War Productions.

Rotting metaphysical disfigurement ...? "Genetic Gloom", "Feast on My Entrails", "Scents of Regression".

Here's the finished piece along with some preliminary sketches showing ideas that made their way into the end result. Pen and ink.


Glow in the Dark THE THING Prints!

Just restocked the store with my hideous tribute to John Carpenter's "The Thing". These are high quality glow in the dark prints from Broken Press and measure 18 x 24 inches. The paper is Cougar Smooth Opaque 100 lb weight.


A Gatecreeper Shirt!

True Sonoran Death Metal maniaxe GATECREEPER commissioned me to draw this disgusting creature for their recent slew of tours. As you can see, it reeks of drippy grimness and crust. Perfect for the sweltering heat of a bummer summer.


Twin Peaks Tribute

Here's a tribute I created for David Lynch and Mark Frost's "Twin Peaks" - combining my love for the original series (that I started watching with my grandmother during its original run), "Fire Walk With Me", season three or "The Return" and a penchant for dark post punk innovators Joy Division! Anxiously awaiting for the new series box set that I can nerd out on !!!

Printed and sold through my shop at Holy Mountain Printing! Also do yourselves...


Some New Dragged Into Sunlight Work

Another weird piece for the suffocating holocaust whirlwind known as Dragged Into Sunlight ! I may have been inspired by the berzerkers from "Beastmaster"...

Right about now I am working on their followup to "Hatred for Mankind", if you thought the first album had "interesting" artwork, just wait for the followup. I promise not to disappoint.


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